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Practice Areas

The Hale Law Firm, P.C. focuses in several areas of personal injury law, helping those who have been seriously injured by the negligence of others. Our practice areas include:

Auto Accidents

We understand the devastation that can occur as a result of being in a serious auto accident. We are committed to helping car accident, trucking accident, and motorcycle accident victims recover the just and fair compensation they are entitled to under the law.

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Wrongful Death

We understand that it is impossible to be fairly compensated for the loss of a loved one. At The Hale Law Firm, our objective is to hold the at-fault party accountable and to modify their future behavior. We are convinced that there is no better way to meet this objective than to aggressively pursue a monetary settlement or verdict.

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Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

At The Hale Law Firm, P.C., our Dallas and Waxahachie attorneys have the expertise to skillfully pursue brain and spinal cord injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents, gunshots, sporting activities, falls, construction accidents, near drowning accidents, electrocution, exposure to toxins or chemicals, medical errors, defective products and more. We can meet with you at home or in the hospital.

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Dangerous and Defective Products

At The Hale Law Firm, P.C., we are experienced in defective product injury claims against manufacturers, retailers and product designers. We can examine your claim, the remains of the defective product, and the details of your injury to help you determine the merit of your case.

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Defective Medical Products

If you or a loved one has experienced a serious side effect as a result of a dangerous drug or medical device, you are entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. At The Hale Law Firm, P.C., our product liability attorneys are dedicated to providing compassionate support to our clients as we relentlessly pursue negligent manufacturers and their insurance companies.

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Burn Injuries

If you or someone close to you has suffered a burn injury because of someone else’s negligence, call our Texas burn injury attorneys today for a free consultation and case evaluation. No matter where you are in Texas, The Hale Law Firm, P.C. can help you with your burn injury claim. We handle a variety of burn cases including chemical burns, electrical burns and thermal burns.

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