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Auto Accidents

If you or a family member has suffered as the result of a motor vehicle accident, Dallas and Waxahachie car accident attorney John Hale and The Hale Law Firm, P.C. can help you. We understand the devastation that can occur as a result of being in a serious auto accident. We are committed to helping car accident, trucking accident, and motorcycle accident victims recover the just and fair compensation they are entitled to under the law.

Dallas and Waxahachie attorney John Hale and the legal team at The Hale Law Firm, P.C. are dedicated to protecting your legal rights and handling your case with personal attention, compassion and aggressive advocacy. We have handled thousands of auto accident injury cases throughout Texas. Call us today for a free consultation.

Insurance Adjusters Are Not Your Friend

Insurance companies will often attempt to settle a claim quickly for an amount that is far less than it is actually worth. If you do not have experience adjusting personal injury claims, how will you know what your case is worth? This puts you at a severe negotiating disadvantage. The Hale Law Firm can level the playing field. Call us today at 972-351-0000 for a free case evaluation.

A study by the Insurance Research Council (a nonprofit group funded by major insurance companies across the nation) and titled “Paying for Auto Injuries” found that the average total payout on claims that have an attorney is 4.8 times greater than those claims where the injured victim settled on his or her own. This same study showed that individuals who use an attorney receive, on average, 3.28 times more money after the attorney’s fee is paid.

Do not be tricked into thinking that “your adjuster” is your friend. Insurance claims adjusters receive extensive training in loss mitigation. If they can find a reason to deny your claim they will. Even if they accept liability, you can expect them to settle the claim for as little as possible.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed, Call an Experienced Attorney

The physical, emotional and financial cost of dealing with a serious injury or wrongful death due to an accident is enormous. Mounting medical bills, numerous doctor visits, or funeral expenses may be overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to walk this road alone.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident in Texas, you may be entitled to significant compensation under the law. We charge on a contingency fee basis which means you pay us nothing unless we win a settlement or court judgment for you. To get outstanding assistance with your car accident case, call The Hale Law Firm P.C. now toll free at 1-888-425-3911 for a FREE legal consultation.