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The Dilemma of Choosing Assisted Living or a Nursing Home

The good news is that thanks to medical advances and other factors, people are living longer than ever. The less than stellar news is this extended life span does not necessarily translate into a high quality of life in one’s later years. With that comes the issue of what decisions should be made to make…


How an Elder Lawyer Can Save Aging Parents’ Finances

Times can be tough for baby boomers moving into retirement and their golden years, as well as their adult children. More and more, the latter are becoming caregivers and relied upon to support their parents financially. Statistics show that more than 32 percent of adult offspring chipped in $5,000 or more of their own money…


Hale Law Hailed as a Top Elder Law Firm by Newsweek

The Hale Law Firm has long prided itself on its excellent elder law, one of the most difficult aspects of the legal profession. Fewer than 5% of all estate planning attorneys practice in this field. And The Hale Law Firm has been cited for being among the best of the best in the industry. The…